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Update Regarding Fire and Emergency Drills

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

As most of you are aware, school districts across New York State are required to hold a set number of fire and mastershieldgoodemergency drills throughout the school year. On July 1, New York State Education Law 807.1, 1-a was amended to revise some of those requirements. I wanted to provide you with information regarding these changes in the event your children talk about the drills at home.

School districts are now required to hold eight evacuation drills and four lockdown drills (as opposed to the previous requirement of 12 evacuation drills) during a school year. Eight of those drills must be held prior to December 31.

In addition, four of the evacuation drills must involve a secondary means of egress (meaning that a standard evacuation route is blocked) and one drill must address how to evacuate a school building during a lunch period or an assembly (whether it is held during an actual lunch period/assembly or is used as an instruction session).

Finally, those attending after school programs, events or performances must be notified of emergency procedures at the beginning of said program, event or performance.

We have already held several drills throughout our district buildings, and students and staff have done an excellent job in safely navigating these drills.


Dr. Mark F. Potter
Superintendent of Schools

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